POTRISERS are 100% ECO friendly, invisible pot feet that fit ALL garden container and statuary styles and shapes. Their low profile design is meant to provide discreet elevation that will blend seamlessly with any design.

Our original 1"x1"x1/2" risers support both indoor and outdoor pots up to 1600lbs by ‘floating’ your containers off the ground, you’ll provide crucial drainage and air circulation needed for plant health and longevity, as well as protect your surfaces, allow for easy cleaning, and protect drip tubing. Our new 2"x2"x3/4" risers provide a slightly higher profile and will support up to 12,000lbs for your larger pots (16"+) and statuary.
POTRISERS are made from 100% recycled material and have a lifetime guarantee.

They are completely weatherproof and guaranteed not to mark or break down over time. Unlike trays or caddies, they can be fitted retroactively to heavy, pre-planted containers. Not recommended for use on Vinyl surfaces.
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Decorative pot feet are not for everyone
The Invisible Solution!

Terra Cotta pot feet work well - with terra cotta! Plastic and acrylic are still visible underneath containers. Trays and trivets don't fit unique shaped pots. And clay tennis shoes - well, they're just not for everyone. POTRISERS are!!

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• Supports and cushions containers and statuary, indoor and out.
• Protecting pots and roots from winter freezing.
• Allowing drainage needed for healthy plants.
• Hiding 1/4” to 1/2” drip lines while prevents crushing.
• Protecting surfaces and allowing for easy cleaning.
• Preventing pest infestation and deck rot.
• 1"x1"x1/2" Risers support up to 1600lbs (per set of 4) for small to medium pots and statuary.
• 2"x2"x3/4" Risers support up to 12,000lbs (per set of 4) for larger pots (16"+) & statuary or where a higher profile is desired.
Designed and packaged in the USA.

POTRISERS is a registered trademark of POTRISERS, inc.

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