Benefits of container gardening; aesthetics and the science

Container gardens are particularly great if you live in the city. Working with a limited amount of space, whether it be a welcoming entrance way, balcony or small yard you can transform your urban environment.

Add containers to existing gardens to enhance plantings by adding height, color and other features that may be lacking. They can also be used to confine invasive plants that can take over your gardening space, such as mint, St. John’s wort, or grasses.

It’s so satisfying to grow your own flowers, vegetables and herbs and have them in portable planters to be able to position for the best conditions or for convenience of use.

Most importantly growing in containers allows you to completely control the soil quality, helping prevent diseases and insect infestations or poor growing conditions. Thereby ensuring a longer life expectancy of your precious plants.

Adding invisible Potrisers under your containers will support vital drainage required for healthy plants, and prevent staining on surfaces so you can keep changing up your displays to suit your needs.