Other Uses for Potrisers

Potrisers “invisible” pot feet are so versatile that you can use them around and outside the house for a whole array of other uses!  Here are some of our favorites.  If you have more, please send them to info@potrisers.com and we will include them:

Propping up uneven kitchen tables

Leveling out a workbench

Stopping chairs and stools from rocking

Lifting speakers off the floor

Elevating wooden outdoor garden furniture from damp surfaces to stop rotting

Stabilizing large outdoor umbrellas on surfaces

Keeping in a purse because your favorite restaurant always has wobbly tables!

Ensuring that heat pads are separated from seed trays

Separating stereo systems to increase airflow

Keeping printers off table surfaces

Raising a hard drive up from the floor

Cushioning tool boxes from truck beds to avoid scratching metal on metal

It is possible to both glue and drill Potrisers for your own purposes