Stop the Stain Campaign!

Stop the Stain Campaign!

Potrisers has launched a campaign to encourage people to take care of their patios, decks and porches this Spring as research[i] shows that they can be one of the most vital assets home owners have when it comes to selling or renting out a property. Over the past ten years, patios, decks and porches have continued to grow in popularity; for the 12m single-family houses built since 2002, over 50% of them have a deck, patio and porch combination[ii].

Called ‘Stop the Stain Campaign’ Potrisers is asking people to share their own hints, tips and advice online at to help other patio, deck and porch owners preserve their valuable investments.

Stop the Stain Campaign: Hints & Tips

To get the ball rolling, Potrisers has created a series of tips (F.A.D.E.D.) to encourage people to think about surface care:

Furniture: Check to see that any wooden outdoor furniture is cared for and isn’t marking your patio or deck; especially wooden legs that can absorb moisture from the patio which can cause rotting.

Attractive: Switch out mismatched pot feet or broken pieces of ceramic under containers and pots for products such as Potrisers the “invisible” pot feet.  While looking unattractive, broken pot feet & pieces can badly scratch/mark surfaces. Drain: ensure that your pots are draining effectively and efficiently.  Elevating pots helps, but also consider new products such as container-drainer discs (Drain Smart) to stop soil and dirt migrating through the drain hole. Elevate: get your pots, containers, statuary and furniture off your surface and protect your deck and patio immediately.  Pots & containers can badly scratch surface as well as detritus leaking from pots; a major cause of staining.

Dirt: all-year care is essential to keep surfaces in good condition.  Elevate items, but also ensure that you are cleaning and protecting surfaces correctly. Talk to experts at your garden center.



[i] 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, Remodeling magazine & REALTOR® Magazine

[ii] US Census Statistics 2013.  New single-family homes completed.



20 April 2015