Stop the Stain Campaign!

No-one wants stained patios or decks, but we all love to display our beautiful containers and pots.   Potrisers is committed to helping people keep their patios and decks in perfect condition.  Follow Potrisers’ ‘Hints & Tips’, and consult your local garden center or nursery for advice regarding maintaining your surfaces while showing off your flowers and plants this season; prevent stains on your surfaces!


‘Hints & Tips’

Furniture: Check to see that any wooden outdoor furniture is cared for and isn’t marking your patio or deck; especially wooden legs that can absorb moisture from the patio which then causes rotting.

Attractive: Switch out mismatched pot feet or broken pieces of ceramic under containers and pots for products such as Potrisers the “invisible” pot feet. While looking unattractive, broken pot feet & pieces can badly scratch or mark surfaces.

Drain: Ensure that your pots are draining effectively and efficiently and help to prevent root rot and mold by allowing water to easily run out of pots and containers.

Elevate: Get your pots, containers and statuary off your surface and protect your deck and patio immediately.  This is the main cause of staining to your surfaces, so use a product such as Potrisers “invisible” pot feet for maximum effect.  In addition, no other known product can support the weights Potrisers can. See our Potrisers Products to select the right one for you and your different pot sizes*.

Dirt: All-year care is essential to keep your deck, patio or surfaces in good condition.  As well as elevating items, ensure that you are cleaning and protecting your surfaces. Potrisers can aid cleaning underneath your pots and statuary because they are elevated.