User Reviews

User Reviews

Every day, another happy gardener enjoys the benefits that Potrisers bring to their containers, pots and statuary.  Here is a selection of reviews and endorsements from Potrisers’ customers:

They are perfect!  I was sick of the terracotta pot feet that simply made the patio look too busy.  Lisa S, New Jersey

I have only just started to use them and I’m so pleased that I no longer have the marks under my pots!  Annette, Colorado

A friend gave me some as a gift as I love container gardening.  Really pleased.  Thanks Potrisers.  Debbie B, San Diego California

Fantastic product!  Wish I had seen them sooner.  I’ll be buying them as gifts also.  Marian F, New York

Perfect to avoid damage at a great price.  Stacy B, Washington DC

I was surprized, and pleased, to see that they elevated my very heavy statues and pots.  They are very strong!  Dan, Vancouver WA

Great product! Great price! Rodney J, California

Amazon Reviews

To see hundreds of reviews and reasons why our customers love Potrisers, visit the Customer Review sections on Amazon.  Here is a selection of what delighted Potrisers customers have to say:

“Solved my problem of discolored concrete and brick surfaces”

These rubber pot feet keep pots raised up off my concrete porch and brick patio so those surfaces dry out after it has rained and do not get covered in mold and become black. Water drains out of the pots so mosquito larve will not survive.

“Worth the investment”

If you are a plant lover and have multiple potted plants around your house these are worth it to get. They keep the pots just high enough that ants can’t build nesting spots at the bottom and rinsing down porches and sidewalks are much easier. Investment well worth the money. Not only have I used these for my plants, I have used them between tv components to let air circulate to prevent heat damage. I actually use them for multiple things, but these are the two most common.

“Best potrisers we have seen”
They work great. This is the second batch i have purchased. They are needed under every outdoor pot/planter we own. They are invisible once they are put under the pot. They don’t break down and are reasonably priced. Perfect.

“They’re definitely sturdy. Highly recommend them”
Was very excited to find this product since I didn’t want giant bulky bases (nor did I want to pay the high prices usually associated with them). I used them on the numerous pots I have on my 2nd story deck…4 of these little feet under most pots over 12″ and 3 under my smaller pots (a couple of my pots are quite large and heavy). So far they’ve all held up in several strong-wind storms with no issues; they’re definitely sturdy. Highly recommend them.

“Great Pot Feet!”
I used 4 on large pots and 3 on smaller pots. I even used a couple to level a fountain, the cement blocks it was on was not level. They hide well so you don’t notice them.

“Perfect Risers For Your Flower Pots!”
These potrisers are perfect for raising our flower pots off of the wooden surfaces of our deck and stairs. They are basically invisible to our guests (and us). Avoiding direct contact with the wood allows air to circulate under the pots and keeps stain and rot at bay. They seem pretty indestructable so I think I’ll get years of service from them.